1. Shakactus (the sticker) illest slapper cactus shaka sticker
    View Shakactus (the sticker)
    Shakactus (the sticker)
  2. Shakness Monster fun up mash heavy thicklines thick lines illustration hand shaka legend myth monster
    View Shakness Monster
    Shakness Monster
  3. Random Rotate Illustrator Script (Freebie) automation scripts illustrator js script rotate friday freebie freebie
    View Random Rotate Illustrator Script (Freebie)
    Random Rotate Illustrator Script (Freebie)
  4. Shakactus Landscape exploration bold heavy thick line illustration icon desert shaka cactus
    View Shakactus Landscape
    Shakactus Landscape
  5. Alohowdy or Shakactus? mashup surf icon hawaii shaka cactus illustration wip
    View Alohowdy or Shakactus?
    Alohowdy or Shakactus?
  6. Tres  Cocineros (WIP) idea smile beard mustache lines line art vector illustration chefs
    View Tres Cocineros (WIP)
    Tres Cocineros (WIP)
  7. Trinity Mark trinity branding brand logomark logo
    View Trinity Mark
    Trinity Mark
  8. SaaSploration illustration type lettering vector branding logo design logo explore
    View SaaSploration
  9. Digital Workspace Infographic gradient design digital data icon iconography infographic wip
    View Digital Workspace Infographic
    Digital Workspace Infographic
  10. How-To Tie a Bowtie instruction tie bowtie how-to sketch illustration
    View How-To Tie a Bowtie
    How-To Tie a Bowtie
  11. A Marriage of Creative Brilliance and Marketing Prowess pixel dot animation logo icon gif
    View A Marriage of Creative Brilliance and Marketing Prowess
    A Marriage of Creative Brilliance and Marketing Prowess
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