June 12, 2020

User Interface design work done for Vistalogic on new features for the Clara Application to supporting Healthy Families Oregon "Home Visiting" program. Attached is the complete design story outlining the original requirements and how I...

UI design sketches

June 03, 2020

UI Design sketches working through options for a "goal planning" interface. This work was completed for Vistalogic, Inc as part of new features being added to their Clara Software product.

Clara Key Performance Indicator Dashboard

June 03, 2020

The Clara Key Performance indicator dashboard allows supervisors to track the performance at a State, Agency, Site, and Home Visitor level. This is work completed as part of my position as Senior User Interface Designer at Vistalogic, Inc.

Clara Case Timeline

June 03, 2020

Design work in my position as Senior User Interface at Vistalogic for their Clara Web application product. This is a concept for a timeline for a Social Services Case, showing upcoming work that Home Visitors need to attend to for their ...

Clara Client Outreach Interface

June 03, 2020

A quick shot of the user interface for tracking the progress of enrolling new clients in the Healthy Families Oregon social services Home Visiting program This is work completed while I was Senior User Interface Designer at Vistalogic, ...

Caseload Indicator

June 03, 2020

Design for "Caseload Indicators": Social Service provider Healthy Families Oregon has a particular formula for determining the optimal "Caseload" for their Home Visitors. There is a target number and an acceptable range that this Caseloa...

Clara Home Visit Charting Workflow

June 03, 2020

The Clara Home Visit charting interface allows social service Home Visitors to walk through the steps necessary to document their home visits with their clients. This includes collecting survey information, updating open activities suc...

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