Blood zoomed

Blood Results

June 06, 2017

Decided to dust-off my rusty framer skills, the result was this bloody 😬 prototype.

Super dribbble 1

Super Intro Animation

March 23, 2017

Super('s) design team finally on Dribbble! 🎉 As we are working on our iOS app, here's a sneak peek of the intro animation, made in @Framer. — 🏡 Subscription care for your home —


Hackathon - framerJS Challenge #9

December 05, 2015

Hello friends, I'm a bit late this week, but there is a good reason for that. I'm attending at the first open data hackathon in Serbia (it's kinda big deal), so for my 9th prototype I'm presenting you conceptual idea of the app that I'm...

Sign flow

SignUp Flow - framerJS Challenge #8

November 27, 2015

Goal accomplished, gained some decent knowledge in framerJS, so I can implement it in the projects that I'm working on. This is just the initial idea for transition into signup screen. P.S. Happy thanksgiving to everyone ☺️ Prototype ...


Solar - framerJS Challenge #7

November 17, 2015

Prototype 🖐🏻✌🏻 At this one I decided to learn how to play with the "real" data from JSON file and it's not hard at all. Also this is the first time I used 😏 space gray iPhone in this challenge. Prototype #7 →


Safe - framerJS Challenge #6

November 12, 2015

Hello, Here we go once again, prototype number six. This time you're faced with a challenge to unlock the safe and get a chance for winning dribbble invite. How to get invite: After you unlock the safe, tweet me @kejnav your best shot ...


Meet Djordje - framerJS Challenge #5

November 06, 2015

Prototype No. 5 ✋🏻 Really interesting challenge here was to figure out spawning skills part and the single skill itself with its padding, width, position etc.. At this one I'm presenting myself and some of my many skills. Prototype #5...

Open uri20151030 3 1fpxo5s

Framerpad - framerJS Challenge #4

October 30, 2015

Week four, my code looks much better now, I'm still in love with framer. This week's prototype is launchpad with epic 90's sounds. Be sure to try it on touch device, so you can press couple of them in the same time and make some noise. ...