MDE Illustration - Box Scan

January 11, 2019

And last but not least the third illustration of today - the process of scanning a box. Every box has a special barcode. It is important for us to keep these characteristics on the illustrations in order to create a recognizable value fo...

MDE Illustration - Area Scan

January 11, 2019

Second Illustration of today :) Same scenario but this time it is about the scanning process of an area inside the warehouse.

MDE Illustration - Article Scan

January 11, 2019

The development of motus continues and so does the development of the illustrative components. The look has changed, it's getting colorful in here ! The first illustration includes the scan process of an article. Hope you like the change :)

Empty State - No Order Available

February 13, 2018

motus is a logistic software, which works in combination with mobile devices. These mobile devices are special industry devices to scan and process data. Logistics are getting direct orders on their device to show them, which task they h...

Warehouse White List

December 07, 2017

This is an illustration I made earlier this year. It shows an important process inside a warehouse, where the logistician has to check, in which area he can store the articles. There are some areas not available or not suitable for spec...

Illustration For Location Frankfurt

November 21, 2017

This is some illustration try out for our second location in Frankfurt, where we have the beautiful skyline. Hope you like it :)

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Illustration For Location Munich

November 16, 2017

Here is something different for you. This is some illustration try out for our team presentation, as we are located in two different citys. Part one you can see here is Gliching, near Munich. Show me what you think about this kind of il...

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Illustration For Logistics From The Cloud

July 25, 2017

keeping it more simple with our illustrations, but want to stay positive and happy - because logistic isn't old and boring. What do you think? 🙃