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  1. 19 Jan Nikhil Nigade Commented on Standard UI for Advanced Typography Options by Vidit Bhargava

    I absolutely love this. A couple of things off the top of my head:
    1. Letter-spacing should be 0.0pt? Steps of a whole point would be too much in most cases.
    2. Active/selected states could use higher contrast? If that is something you've tried but didn't go with, I'd like to hear why.
    3. The alignment glyph weights appear lighter than the rest. Intentional?

    Things I'd love to do:
    1. When the user changes the font family, Font feature detection runs and determines the available features and only displays those.

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  4. 9 Dec Nikhil Nigade Commented on Poloska app by Maria Shanina

    This looks really fascinating. Good thing it's the weekend here already so I'm stepping out to try it.

    PS: I also run Objrevs on youtube. 😁


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