The Guild by Devin Halladay

The Guild is a design magazine exploring how some of your favorite designers became who they are today.

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Issue 1

March 08, 2014

Taking a break from designing the actual magazine to play with some typography without the constraints of a grid :)

New Logo for The Guild

February 17, 2014

(View @2x) I'm starting work on The Guild again, and I've decided to go in a different visual direction with it. Here's the new logo and type treatment.

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Welcome to The Guild

September 08, 2013

Working on the new website for The Guild!

Sword Icon

August 24, 2013

Working on some icon concepts for The Guild. I don't know what I would use this for, though — I just wanted to add a sword icon to the batch.

Article Spread 1

August 15, 2013

View @2x please. One of the article spreads for The Guild (using Bluth Ipsum — I don't want to give any content away early!). Still a work in progress, so I'd appreciate any feedback you can provide. The Guild

Weekly Reads Widget

June 05, 2013

Working on the author dashboard for The Guild today. Here's a design for the Weekly Reads widget. The line represents the number of reads, and the bars represent the number of views. When you click on the Most Popular Article section, ...

Guild logo

Introducing: The Guild

March 13, 2013

I just launched a project with @Alex called The Guild! What is The Guild? It's a curated network of design-focused blogs mainly written by experienced, young designers such as myself. You can sign up to beta test our publishing platfo...