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  1. 26 Mar Devin Halladay Commented on The New Devin Halladay by Devin Halladay

    @Cole Townsend still such solid advice, thanks again ✌🏼

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  4. 10 Feb Devin Halladay Commented on Calendar / Booking Tool by Markus Willbee for Underbelly

    Cool! Is the second time in appointment the end of that appointment? If so, you might be able to make that a little more clear somehow so it's easy to gauge at first glance. Also really digging that you're only showing two weeks at a time in the calendar to save screen real estate; super smart!

  5. 23 Jan Devin Halladay Commented on Inauthentic Sans Irregular, Outtake 1 by Devin Halladay

    @Sam Mearns Inspired by old Jugend magazine mastheads :)

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