1. App Log-In form login theme light mode dark mode minimal simple ui flat
    View App Log-In
    App Log-In
  2. Mac OS 7 Big Sur macintosh apple loading bar macos redesign glass simple ui
    View Mac OS 7 Big Sur
    Mac OS 7 Big Sur
  3. Landscape textured illustration nature illustration vector simple nature illustration minimal
    View Landscape
  4. The Little Shop illustration simple isometric
    View The Little Shop
    The Little Shop
  5. Cassette Player flat simple tape 90s music analogue analog retro
    View Cassette Player
    Cassette Player
  6. With Love From Cat dawww illustration vector kitten adorable cute
    View With Love From Cat
    With Love From Cat
  7. Rilakkuma dawww vector character illustration bear kawaii cute
    View Rilakkuma
  8. GameBoy classics vector depth nintendo illustration gaming icon
    View GameBoy
  9. Piranha Plant illustration shading simple gaming nintendo game plant flat
    View Piranha Plant
    Piranha Plant
  10. Leafy growth foliage plant leaves leaf nature greenery
    View Leafy
  11. Teddy Bear stuffed animal toy hearts adorable cute teddy bear
    View Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear
  12. Instagram Concept concept brand redesign icon
    View Instagram Concept
    Instagram Concept
  13. Ticket  flat icon admission movie event theater show
    View Ticket
  14. Health Tracking flat icon medical healthy smartwatch
    View Health Tracking
    Health Tracking
  15. Binoculars simple sight icon seek find look search
    View Binoculars
  16. Mitigating Project Stress urgent folder
    View Mitigating Project Stress
    Mitigating Project Stress
  17. Navigation Revisited explore compass directions map flat icon
    View Navigation Revisited
    Navigation Revisited
  18. Sharing Your Work flat icon share business work portfolio briefcase
    View Sharing Your Work
    Sharing Your Work
  19. Isometric Crew fun hand turkey flat portraits people fanda dowabunga crackalackin
    View Isometric Crew
    Isometric Crew
  20. Color Wheel art complementary colors design icon
    View Color Wheel
    Color Wheel
  21. Procrastination dont let your dreams be dreams ill do it tomorrow putting things off icon placeholder procrastinate
    View Procrastination
  22. Little Cactus cactus simple tiny potted desert plant cute flat icon
    View Little Cactus
    Little Cactus
  23. Color Calibration color computer screen adjustment settings display icon
    View Color Calibration
    Color Calibration
  24. Computer Display flat panel lcd electronic icon monitor screen
    View Computer Display
    Computer Display
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