Login Page - Big Air Mountain

April 17, 2019

A web login page design for a snowboard company.

Timeless Heroes - A D&D Alternative

March 28, 2019

A work in progress for a home-brew D&D alternative that I hope to turn into a board game once it's finished. Timeless Heroes is a lightweight tabletop framework built on the backbone of everything that has come before it. It takes ...

Healthcare Scheduling App

February 03, 2019

A mobile scheduling app.

Newton Landing Page

August 24, 2018

A landing page for a company's marketing campaign.

Login Page

July 24, 2018

A desktop & mobile layout of a simple login page for a skills test.

Mobile Website, Video Player - Riggins Painting

June 16, 2018

A mobile view of a website with embedded vimeo video player.

Stonehouse Ministries Mobile View 2

June 10, 2018

A short blog feed for StonehouseMinistries.org mobile website.

Stonehouse Ministries Mobile View 1

June 10, 2018

A mobile view of the website StonehouseMinisitries.org