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  1. Shahin Srowar🚀 Shahin Srowar🚀 We’re hiring Pro

    Mobile UI/UX | Responsive Webdesign If you have any questions contact me.
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  2. Marvin Schwaibold Marvin Schwaibold We’re hiring Pro

    New York
    Visual Designer working for @squarespace based in New York. Ex. Art Director at Watson/DG focusing on digital + socia...
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  3. Leah Chew Leah Chew We’re hiring Pro

    Reno, NV
    Creative Director of Coffeebar | Designer & Illustrator | TV Binge-Watcher | (Self-Proclaimed) World's Be...
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  4. Jens Nielsen Jens Nielsen We’re hiring Pro

    Digital Designer from Copenhagen, Denmark. Senior Designer @Charlietango Part of the 2018 CSS Design Awards Judging p...
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