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  1. Abdullah Md Ishmam We’re hiring Bangladesh art direction, web design, uiux, brand identity

    We are a small team of Award-winning designers & developers on Brand identity & Web design. Drop us a line: hello@gfx...
  2. Jack Lalley We’re hiring United Kingdom

    Interface designer & software developer specialising in web, ios & cryptography
  3. Sander Giesing We’re hiring Amsterdam ux ui design, animation, illustration, cartography, greensock gsap, scrollmagic

    Freelance designer, walking the fine line between animation, UX/UI design & illustration. I’m available for projects.
  4. Sazzad Hossain We’re hiring New York, NY fireworks, photoshop, illustrator, html5, css3, javascript, react.js, node.js, sass

    A creative thinker striving to bring forth deserving tools to the lime light. Founder of FWPolice, VotePlanGo and co-...
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