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  1. Digikala Digikala We’re hiring Team

    Tehran, Iran
    Extraordinary things happen when diverse minds come together. We come to work each day inspired by the future and eag...
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  2. Joel Glovier Joel Glovier We’re hiring Pro

    Mechanicsburg, PA
    Head of Design at Netlify. Formerly product design lead at GitHub, principal designer at CURE, etc. Aspiring illustra...
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  3. Florin Diaconu Florin Diaconu We’re hiring Pro

    Newcastle upon Tyne
    UI/UX Designer. Can illustrate and animate and even play football. Available for Hire. Get in touch !
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  4. Farouk Hosni Farouk Hosni We’re hiring Pro

    Cairo, Egypt
    A young design obsessed guy, based in Cairo, Egypt. For inquiries, drop me a line at
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