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  1. Dropbox Design Dropbox Design We’re hiring Team

    San Francisco + New York + Seattle
    Dropbox’s mission is to unleash the world’s creative energy by designing a more enlightened way of working. Join us!...
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  2. Jessie Maisonneuve Jessie Maisonneuve We’re hiring Pro

    Canada > Ottawa, On
    Newhouse, Maisonneuve, one or the other will do, I am a graphic designer (Illustrator, animator, web lover, overall s...
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  3. Pavel Maček Pavel Maček We’re hiring Pro

    Czech Republic
    Product Designer. Formerly at @InVision @SlackHQ, @Screenhero. I love to design & build products that solve tough pr...
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  4. Ahmet Iltas Ahmet Iltas We’re hiring Pro

    Art Director/ VisDev Artist
    Ahmet is a multidisciplinary designer who creates characters, environments and concepts for Films, Animation Projects...
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