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  1. Marina Popovichenko Marina Popovichenko We’re hiring Pro

    Odessa, Ukraine
    I am a Product Designer from Odessa (Ukraine) with a passion to help a business and a customer to meet their goals in...
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  2. Safa Paksu Safa Paksu We’re hiring Pro

    Ankara / Turkey
    I'm logo and graphic designer who live in Turkey. Also i'm tech and design blog writer..
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  3. Andrew Hainen Andrew Hainen We’re hiring Pro

    Ann Arbor, MI
    Me? I'm retired, I invented dice when I was 8. Designer at Industry X.0 (formerly Pillar),, and
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  4. Linevoy Linevoy We’re hiring Pro

    Santa Fe
    Creative. Designer. Illustrator. Storyteller. Nerd. Zombies. Ideation. Graphic Novel lover and arm-chair Sociologist.
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