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  1. Anthony Wartinger Anthony Wartinger We’re hiring Pro

    Dayton, OH
    A digital designer born, raised and residing in the Heart of It All. Co-Founder and designer at Jetpack.
  2. Novoda Design Novoda Design We’re hiring Team

    London, Berlin, Liverpool, Barcelona
    Novoda is an ambitious product design and engineering company. Our product team is passionate about excellence. Here'...
  3. Neopix Neopix We’re hiring Team

    Niš, Serbia
    Neopix is a digital product studio run by a team of designers, illustrators, software engineers, and storytellers. Sa...
  4. Andres Clavijo Andres Clavijo We’re hiring Pro

    Bay Area, California
    I'm a Product Designer from Colombia who's determinate to make complex technologies easier and more approachable for ...
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