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  1. Joonas Ylitalo Joonas Ylitalo We’re hiring Pro

    Helsinki, Finland
    Art Director, Front-end developer & UX Designer of things that usually appear on screens.
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  2. HYPE4 HYPE4 We’re hiring Team

    HYPE4 is a UX + UI & Development agency. We've done projects for VIACOM, SAMSUNG, THOMSON REUTERS, SAGE, BMW, RENAULT...
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  3. MessageBird MessageBird We’re hiring Team

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Creating the telecom company of the future by providing advanced APIs and user-friendly interfaces for SMS, Voice and...
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  4. Grace Lee Grace Lee We’re hiring Pro

    UI/UX designer I WeChat: Yooa_LI Graduated from City University of Hong Kong I Email: ...
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