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  1. Daru Sim Daru Sim We’re hiring Pro

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    A huge fan of transforming conceptual ideas into experiential-driven interfaces that feels like second nature. Get in...
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  2. Nick Slater Nick Slater We’re hiring Pro

    Palo Alto, Ca
    Available for hire at[at]gmail. Formerly at Slack, Asana & Palantir.
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  3. Bobby Haiqalsyah Bobby Haiqalsyah We’re hiring Pro

    Melbourne, Australia
    Freelance designer commonly found hustling type, connecting people and making things happen
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  4. Bharat KV Bharat KV We’re hiring Pro

    Bangalore, India
    Branding & UI/UX for startups & midsize companies. Founder & Work inquiries → me@b...
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