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11 designers match your search
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  1. Hallie Rose Taylor We’re hiring My Van illustration, painting, watercolor, drawing, gouache, lettering

    Artist, illustrator, and writer traveling around the west in my van. Support assistant at Dribbble! hello@hallieros...
  2. Pawel Kadysz We’re hiring Bialystok, Poland web design, icon design, graphic design, ui design, photography

    30 years old, UI / Web designer from Poland. Addicted to coffee, design junkie who loves to create beautiful websites...
  3. Scott Boms We’re hiring San Carlos, California typography, letterpress, sign painting, graphic design, illustration, print, ui, html, css, prototyping

    Design Lead and Studio Manager at the Facebook Analog Research Lab. Paints signs. Prints things. Tinkerer. Known to e...
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