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  1. Paolo Carella Paolo Carella We’re hiring

    Hello, i'm a visual designer, I love photo compositing, editing and illustration; plus dedicate some time to UI and W...
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  2. Barton Welt Barton Welt We’re hiring

    Orange County, CA
    Product Design Lead at @HappyMoney. Husband. Cat Dad. Most of my time is spent writing code.
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  3. 🔮 f a n y  🔮 🔮 f a n y 🔮 We’re hiring

    I'm a freelance webdesigner from Nantes. I also love drawing, video games, manga & anime, coffee and Japan stuff. Mo...
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  4. Ugo Olsak Ugo Olsak We’re hiring

    Paris, France
    Design Intern @Big_Youth - @hetic student - Young jury @Awwwards - Looking for a 6 month internship starting in June ...
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