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  1. App'n'roll App'n'roll We’re hiring

    Warsaw, Poland
    Venture building company that specialise in web and mobile app design & development 🤘 We’re available for new project...
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  2. Stephan Wetzl Stephan Wetzl We’re hiring

    New York City
    Creative Director, Digital Product Designer IOT/UI/UX, Twitch Broadcaster. Science, gaming, and coffee — I love that ...
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  3. Sofi Smith - All is Machine Sofi Smith - All is... We’re hiring

    Exeter / Brighton / London
    Freelance Digital + Web Designer. Logo + Branding · Visual design · Web Design · Web Development
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  4. Aaron Iker Aaron Iker We’re hiring

    Münster, Germany
    Working as UI designer and frontend developer - currently at @ottonova, based in Munich.
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