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  1. Alex Lazaris Alex Lazaris We’re hiring

    San Francisco, Portland, New York
    Creative Director. Racer of Skateboards & Motorcycles. Design Mentor and Speaker. Previously CD at @Twitch. Check out...
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  2. Sourav Maity ℠ Sourav Maity ℠ We’re hiring

    Delhi, India
    Product Designer at Curofy. I'm accepting freelance projects. Send me an email if you want to get in touch
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  3. Niko Fernandez Niko Fernandez We’re hiring

    Nuremberg, Germany
    Design Direction / UI & UX Specialist based in Nuremberg — Lead UI Designer @ adidas
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  4. Petras Nargela Petras Nargela We’re hiring

    Vilnius, Lithuania
    Co-founder & Design Director at Flair Digital, specialising in websites and application interfaces. Have a project? h...
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