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  1. Sarah Keane We’re hiring

    Richmond, VA
    Art director, UI designer, UX enthusiast, perpetual student and habitual organizer of things
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  2. Dawid Tkocz We’re hiring

    Wrocław, Poland
    Head of Design @ 🇺🇸; Former Lead Product Designer @ 🇵🇱 Also Digital Designer since 2005, ho...
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  3. Marko Jotic We’re hiring

    Banja Luka
    🙋🏻‍♂️ I’m Marko Jotic - a multidisciplinary digital designer & entrepreneur based in UTC+1 / Founder @panoplystore / ...
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  4. Art4web We’re hiring

    Creative Digital Agency. UX Design, UI Design & Web Development. Reach us at
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