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  1. Damião Vieira 🇧🇷 Damião Vieira 🇧🇷 We’re hiring

    João Pessoa, Brasil
    I'm a Brazilian Sênior UI Designer focused on mobile and available for hire. Say hi to me:
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  2. Airtable Airtable We’re hiring

    San Francisco, CA
    Organize anything you can imagine. Airtable is a fresh take on the database that's remarkably easy to use and beautif...
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  3. Lea Botwinick Lea Botwinick We’re hiring

    New York
    NY-based interaction designer. Love creating products that help people solve their every day problems.
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  4. Václav Vančura Václav Vančura We’re hiring

    Prague, Czech Republic
    Designer of Visual Studio for Mac (and some other Microsoft products). Father of 3 & husband of 1.
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