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  1. Henry Gillis ⨀ Henry Gillis ⨀ We’re hiring Pro

    Zürich, Switzerland
    Curiously creative science-geek with a love for making things. I'm available for branding and interaction design pro...
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  2. Rus Adrian Ewald Rus Adrian Ewald We’re hiring Pro

    Timisoara, Romania
    Creative Designer in love with Web, UX & Mobile Design. I deliver engaging design stories, optical pleasure, and abov...
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  3. Brian Smallwood Brian Smallwood We’re hiring Pro

    Kansas City
    Creative director in KC. I design and code and work with the other creatives in our team. I also run a side business ...
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  4. Kai Husen Kai Husen We’re hiring Pro

    I work for a design company called PlainJoe Studios. I'm passionate about my job and motivated by the amazing amount ...
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