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  1. John Mata John Mata We’re hiring

    Dallas, Texas
    Illustrator and Designer located in Dallas, Texas. Freelance inquiries: johnmata(at)
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  2. Connor Sears Connor Sears We’re hiring

    San Francisco
    Co-founder EveryTeam. Formerly at GitHub, Twitter, and Pinterest. Kentucky moonshiner.
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  3. Konrad Księżopolski Konrad Księżopolski We’re hiring

    Poland, Warsaw - Europe
    Senior UI/UX Designer • Product designer • Freelancer • Pixel-perfect lover! • • http...
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  4. Tavish Calico Tavish Calico We’re hiring

    Encinitas, CA
    Design, art direction and endlessly attempting my hand at startups because it's fun. Currently doing Bondir Creative ...
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