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  1. Bert Timmermans Bert Timmermans We’re hiring

    Tokyo, Japan
    Senior Product Designer at Axelspace. I'm passionate about turning ideas into engaging user experiences.
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  2. Charly Clements Charly Clements We’re hiring

    Medellin, Colombia
    Greeting card designer and freelance illustrator. Like to commission me for a new project? I'd love to hear from you...
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  3. Tim Hamilton Tim Hamilton We’re hiring

    I design graphics and other visual stuff in Vancouver by way of Wisconsin. I make a lot of sports stuff.
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  4. Tim Silva Tim Silva We’re hiring

    San Francisco
    Designing since 2004. Product, UX, UI, code, & brand. Owner @encide. Work at Oath. Formerly at Verizon & Intel.
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