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  1. Anh Nguyen Anh Nguyen We’re hiring

    Hanoi, Vietnam
    Hi, my name is Anh Nguyen. I love creating stuffs and working on best solutions for product UI/UX. We should work tog...
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  2. Cynthia Tran Vo Cynthia Tran Vo We’re hiring

    Vancouver Canada
    Art Director at Capilano Courier Graphic Design Student in the IDEA Program at Capilano University :)
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  3. Naresh Bingi Naresh Bingi We’re hiring

    Hyderabad, India
    UX / UI Designer at Microsoft, I help startups and established companies. contact me if you need help: naani129@gmail...
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  4. Francisco Junior Francisco Junior We’re hiring

    Campinas, São Paulo
    I'm a Visual Designer focused on Digital and also enthusiastic and passionate about User Experience Design. Or vice v...
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