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  1. Mohsin Khalid We’re hiring

    Lahore, Pakistan
    Freelance UI/UX Designer. Work inquiries at & Skype : mohsin_khalid32
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  2. Expresiv Studios We’re hiring

    Newton, MA
    UI/UX Engineering, graphic design, brand and interactive marketing services agency. Newton, MA and Kathmandu, Nepal.
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  3. Kartik Mahant We’re hiring

    Mother Earth
    Freelancer Design Consultant | Product Designer - Visual Designer. Designed for Nutanix, Zozi, Vonigo, GT Nexus and ...
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  4. Rumi S Whipple We’re hiring

    Seattle, WA
    Born in Japan, raised in the USA. UX Designer and professional animal cuddler. Favorites: cats, dogs, cherry blossoms...
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