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  1. Alexander Laguta Alexander Laguta We’re hiring Pro

    Russia, Moscow
    Web, UI/UX & Identity Designer with over 17 years of work experience. Open for new projects as a Freelancer. a@laguta...
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  2. Ryan Arruda Ryan Arruda We’re hiring Pro

    Worcester, MA
    Rhode Islander in Worcester, MA. Cooking up design, collage + words. Design wrangler at MyFonts. Co-founder of Bay St...
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  3. Kocha Kocha We’re hiring Pro

    Sydney, Australia
    Happy Designer — I help people design a mobile app and brand identity —
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  4. Ivaylo Nedkov Ivaylo Nedkov We’re hiring Pro

    Sofia / Bulgaria
    Co-Founder & Creative Director at - Up to date overview of my latest projects in the field of visual ide...
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