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  1. Guille Mesyngier Guille Mesyngier We’re hiring

    Buenos Aires - Argentina
    Visual Designer, illustration , UX/UI and Front a green little magic man of forest.
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  2. Jan Erik Waider Jan Erik Waider We’re hiring

    Hamburg, Germany
    Landscape Photographer & UI Designer from Hamburg, Germany – traveling around the Nordic countries as #DigitalNomad.
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  3. Minify Minify We’re hiring

    UX • UI • Code • Wordpress • Apps Available for Full time / Part time / Freelance For work related queries: minify...
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  4. Artur Konariev Artur Konariev We’re hiring

    UX/UI. Product Designer specializing in Design thinking, User-Friendly Interface. Available for hire ❤️ www.behance.n...
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