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  1. Emily Holt Emily Holt We’re hiring Pro

    Dallas, TX
    Graphic designer, food-lover & devourer, dispenser of cat kibble, and a wanna-be cyclist. Formerly known as Emily Sch...
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  2. Paul Guro Paul Guro We’re hiring Pro

    Kiev, Ukraine
    Hey, I'm a UI/UX Designer 👋 Focuses on beautiful and user-friendly interfaces for mobile and web applications.
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  3. Movade Movade We’re hiring Team

    Gdańsk, Poland
    Ideation, design and development of all mobile and web apps. UX and Service design approach.
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  4. Peter Bacallao Peter Bacallao We’re hiring Pro

    Miami, FL
    designer | art director | admirer of all things well designed | whiskey drinker with a black belt in badassery! Let's...
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