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  1. Juan Carlos Ferraris Juan Carlos Ferraris We’re hiring

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Unique Experience Evangelist. Creator of Things. Idea Amplifier. UX and Product Head @
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  2. Laura Lee Moreau Laura Lee Moreau We’re hiring

    Digital Designer / Branding. UX/UI. E-commerce. Product. Fr/En. Founder | Work inquiries: hey@ge-o-de...
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  3. Filibaba Filibaba We’re hiring

    Stockholm, Sweden
    Inspiring people around the globe to cook eco-friendly, ethical and healthy food. Apps in App Store: Veggie Weekend, ...
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  4. Ted Kulakevich Ted Kulakevich We’re hiring

    Sarasota FL
    Branding | Illustration at Unfold. Traveler, College Dropout, Entrepreneur. Created By Design
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