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  1. Ryan Woolfolk Ryan Woolfolk We’re hiring

    Cincinnati, OH
    Motion designer currently working for LEAPframe, a small digital film and motion design boutique in Cincinnati, OH.
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  2. WowMakers WowMakers We’re hiring

    Kerala, India
    We’re a 7 year-old design studio that create digital experiences for top brands and businesses across the globe. Have...
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  3. Dibbendo Pranto ✪ Dibbendo Pranto ✪ We’re hiring

    UX/UI,web & app designer.Available for freelance/part-time/full-time job.Say hello to
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  4. Bruno Sartori Quadros Bruno Sartori Quadros We’re hiring

    Porto Alegre / Brazil
    I'm a Product Designer. Passionate about minimalism and I like to see challenges as business opportunities
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