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  1. Beast Design Co. Beast Design Co. We’re hiring Pro

    Douglas, Isle of Man
    Beast Design is a multi-disciplined (independent) creative studio on the Isle of Man. Focusing on Branding, logo desi...
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  2. Gareso Gareso We’re hiring Pro

    Sydney, Australia
    Brazilian-born motion graphics designer, director, and animator. Now living in Sydney.
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  3. Ryan Arruda Ryan Arruda We’re hiring Dribbble

    Worcester, MA
    Rhode Islander in Worcester, MA. Cooking up design, collage + words. Community events wrangler at Dribbble. Co-founde...
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  4. Mladi Lav Mladi Lav We’re hiring Pro

    Kharkiv, Ukraine
    Hello! I'm Front-end Developer and UI/UX Designer. | Available for work
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