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  1. Dominik Väyrynen Dominik Väyrynen We’re hiring

    Helsinki, Finland
    Scandinavian. Founder at @Ombord Previously Designer @Shopify in Canada & @Unity in Finland. I sail, read books and t...
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  2. Anastasia Marinicheva ✨ Anastasia Mariniche... We’re hiring

    Ukraine, Kiev
    • UI/UX Designer (4+ years of exp.) • Young Judge at Awwwards • Founder of SkillTeam on ThemeForest
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  3. Tide Product Team Tide Product Team We’re hiring

    Dallas, TX
    A Tide product team staying fresh by helping others focus on life, not laundry.
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  4. Dave Keller Dave Keller We’re hiring

    Austin, Tx
    Cofounded an agency called Rocket, then an app called Timebomb. Now leading UX at Rodio.
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