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  1. Nicholai Møller We’re hiring

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Copenhagen, Denmark - Vintage Lover & Family Man - Handcrafting Logos, Lettering & Brands
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  2. Lauren Osoba We’re hiring

    Kansas City, MO
    Hello! I am a graphic designer by day and an illustrator by night. I currently work and live in Kansas City, MO.
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  3. Andrey Hairulin We’re hiring

    Warsaw, Poland
    I am a Visual Designer at @Fireart-d Apart from my job, I really enjoy bright colors, ps4 exclusives and 3d graphics.
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  4. Abm Salahuddin 🚀 We’re hiring

    Ho Chi Minh
    illustrator and character designer. love to do caricature, cartoon and photography. in case of any queries please sho...
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