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  1. 16 Apr
    Jake Giltsoff
    Commented on Roberta

    Good effort Brandon, I’ve been meaning to get round to doing the same! :)

  2. 14 Apr
    Jake Giltsoff
    Followed Tommy Perez.
  3. 4 Apr
    Jake Giltsoff
    Followed Jacqui Oakley.
  4. 2 Apr
    Jake Giltsoff
    Commented on New personal site & portfolio launched!

    Whoa those animations are lovely!

  5. 31 Mar
    Jake Giltsoff
    Dribbbled Gosling Drive
  6. 31 Mar
    Jake Giltsoff
    Commented on Gosling Drive

    If Ryan Gosling was acquired by Google…

    Drive Logo copyright Google.
    ‘Drive’ is set in Mistral and tweaked slightly.

  7. 12 Mar
    Jake Giltsoff
    Followed Linda Eliasen.