1. Haystack - User Settings responsive modal popover dashboard settings dashboard clean ux daily 100 challenge fintory sidebar navigation design system menu modern ui flat design design user settings settings popup modal light mode
    View Haystack - User Settings
    Haystack - User Settings
  2. 💵 Daily Exchange Rates Approval web application webapp desktop ux ui interface fintory design clean ui
    View 💵 Daily Exchange Rates Approval
    💵 Daily Exchange Rates Approval
  3. Haystack - Admin Settings light mode menu button navigation drawer desktop application settings ui navigation sidebar clean fintory haystack daily 100 challenge alert popover popup modal product changes admin settings dashboard settings
    View Haystack - Admin Settings
    Haystack - Admin Settings
  4. Global Search dark app dark mode dark ui dark ecommerce business ecommerce design ecommerce shop ecommerce app ecommerce minimalistic minimalism minimalist minimal clean ui clean ui search results search bar searching search
    Global Search
  5. Composer ui bottom sheet email chat messaging composer gem
    View Composer
  6. Haystack - Dashboard Navigation dashboard daily 100 challenge haystack animation sidebar navigation clean sidebar top bar navigation desktop application navigation navigation drawer collapsable navigation user interface website navigation pattern dark light mode button design sidebar menu dashboard navigation dailyui fintory
    View Haystack - Dashboard Navigation
    Haystack - Dashboard Navigation
  7. Execution events log - SaaS Fintech web app enterprise ux enterprise software enterprise app enterprise ux designer ux design dashboard data clean analytics admin fintech saas software web design web application ux web application design web app ui web app ux web app
    View Execution events log - SaaS Fintech web app
    Execution events log - SaaS Fintech web app
  8. Complex step flow finance fintech web apps web design ux designer saas admin dashboard software enterprise design enterprise app enterprise ux web app prototype web application ux web application design onboarding web app ui web app ux web app
    Complex step flow
  9. Education tips 🤓 illustration design system automation rules whatsnew help tips education onboarding shared inbox messaging frontapp product design email front
    Education tips 🤓
  10. Commenting Feature – Finance Operations Platform resolve pin chat conversation budget user centered user interface interaction boxes cards commenting finance saas finance operations modern light clean minimal ux ui
    Commenting Feature – Finance Operations Platform
  11. Help and tips integration 🕵🏻‍♀️ integration tips tasks onboarding admin help center help shared inbox messaging frontapp email front
    Help and tips integration 🕵🏻‍♀️
  12. Sisyphus™ — dashboard charts (light mode) responsive design web app dashboard design dashboard ui light minimal sidenav pie chart table layout tabs table design tables line graph pie graph graphs charts dashboard responsive dark mode light mode
    Sisyphus™ — dashboard charts (light mode)
  13. Sisyphus™ — dashboard sidebar colour variations menu side navigation navbar inter figma dashboard design saas light mode dark mode tabs navigation bar side nav sidenav navigation nav web app dashboard ui dashboard minimalism minimal
    View Sisyphus™ — dashboard sidebar colour variations
    Sisyphus™ — dashboard sidebar colour variations
  14. Sidebar Navigation - Tooltip Exploration illustration webdesign netguru cat explainer animation side menu hover modal tooltip financial app green platform dashboard system expandable scalable sidebar
    View Sidebar Navigation - Tooltip Exploration
    Sidebar Navigation - Tooltip Exploration
  15. Rules library cards 👀 app front system icons colors illustrations cards library rules
    Rules library cards 👀
  16. Broadcast messaging team email tech product ui layout communication app product design
  17. What are your next priorities? 🔨 people topic select emoji responsive text input mood illustrations payfit minimal form survey management performance 1:1 review interface ux ui
    What are your next priorities? 🔨
  18. Around – Early iOS App Exploration fun meet lobby rooms attendees iphone exploration around interface dsgn meeting around app ios dark mode mobile app ui ux
    Around – Early iOS App Exploration
  19. 1:1 Review space 👨‍👩‍👦 pulse send ios page document live collaboration avatar text emoji reactions comment manager management performance 1:1 payfit interface ux ui
    1:1 Review space 👨‍👩‍👦
  20. Attio — Mobile mockup grid responsive features about attio modules interior tech minimal simple blue colors colours mobile
    View Attio — Mobile
    Attio — Mobile
  21. Interface Elements: BlueReceipt interface icons ui cards dashboard design dashboard ui dashboard app landing page ui dashboard interface design saas ui interface interface elements bluereceipt
    View Interface Elements: BlueReceipt
    Interface Elements: BlueReceipt
  22. VSX - Files download upload toast snackbar drag and drop folder file types
    View VSX - Files
    VSX - Files
  23. VSX - Page Options visual system design system tooltip modal popover history timeline words options style page document
    VSX - Page Options
  24. BoltCard - Interface Elements app design dashboard desktop web desktop app two factor authentication qr code scan desktop app module navigation webpage design website typography ui ux clean white black ui design dashboard interface elements ui dashboard elements success state popup fintory interface product design
    View BoltCard - Interface Elements
    BoltCard - Interface Elements
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