1. Kuvée app — status bar expansion expanded status bar notification wine bottle smart iot ui principle animation
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    Kuvée app — status bar expansion
  2. Ninja "Ad Blocker" interaction onoff principle interaction ninja block blocker ad animation
    View Ninja "Ad Blocker" interaction
    Ninja "Ad Blocker" interaction
  3. Women's Calendar app crazy minimal menstruation periods spiral cycle calendar women
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    Women's Calendar app
  4. Reading progress animation interaction luminometer reading bacteria framer tube progress ui animation
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    Reading progress animation
  5. Metatask empty state for disabled users descriptive gag disabled user state empty design ui metatask
    View Metatask empty state for disabled users
    Metatask empty state for disabled users
  6. Metatask registration animation form step principle animation registration metatask
    View Metatask registration animation
    Metatask registration animation
  7. Metatask loading animation waiting loader principle animation loading metatask
    View Metatask loading animation
    Metatask loading animation
  8. Swipe to like origami iphone ios swipe tinder art interaction ui animation
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    Swipe to like
  9. Mail.ru Files file iphone ios ui attachment mail mail.ru
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    Mail.ru Files
  10. Cars Market App car cars app iphone mobile dark clean stats info market
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    Cars Market App
  11. Wine App app ios iphone mobile wine selector radial round modal
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    Wine App
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