Music instruments icons

Music Instruments Icons

November 24, 2017

Hi folks! Had an interesting idea for a music player that includes artificial intelligence. Here are some animated icons for the app. 👉 Check out more work

Outline illustrations

Animated Outline Illustrations

November 15, 2017

Hi guys! Sharing with you some illustrations that I've made and brought to life for one of my recent projects. 👉 Check out more work

Specify the role

Character animation

November 06, 2017

Hi guys! Here I'm playing with character animation for one of the onboarding screens. 👉 Check out more work

Select categories

Animated categories icons

October 31, 2017

Hi guys! Recently, I've been working on the categories icons for the mobile app aimed to connect people from the printing industry. There was a challenge to create metaphors for such narrow-focused items like all common printing technic...


Onboarding animation

October 23, 2017

Onboarding screens for a marketplace mobile app. Tried to make the illustrations fun and alive. 👉 Check out more work

Product designer transformations

Product designer transformations

September 04, 2017

Hi there! Just wanted to share some thoughts that came to my mind a while ago about the product designer role. A product designer is responsible for the overall experience of a product. He has a wide range of skills as a result of setti...