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September 19, 2014

Maybe someday... who knows :) Make sure you check attachment ;)

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June 04, 2014

Something that i did for practice, hope you like it :) BTW. Check big version and big second version

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February 10, 2014

Just another 'something' for fun :) hope you like it ;) BTW. Make sure you check big version @2x ;)


July 15, 2013

So uhm... uga buga... bleeeeh... weeeee :D Superminion is here :D LOL Make sure you check @2x - uber blasta version ;) hope you like it ;)

Climbing pick sml

Climbing Pick

March 12, 2013

Another thing that i did only for practice after finish new Tomb Raider game :P hope you like it :) Oh... and here is bigger version ...and if you want you can check design process on my blog or here


Card with ribbon

December 23, 2012

Something that i did for 'kill time' before christmas ;) hope you like it. Oh, make sure you check big version and (if you want, you can) download PSD file for free! (this is my gift for all dribbblers ;) ) BTW. You can use it as you w...

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Combat Knife

November 08, 2012

So, this time it is the work that I have done for my students. I’m going to teach them how to create such ‘things’ in Photoshop ;) You can check progress at my blog - click this text now! BTW. Make sure u check big version @2x ;)


RGB Pen Set

September 17, 2012

Just another "icon / illustration" for fun and for practice ;) hope you like it. Make sure you check big version here and design progress on my brand new blog :D

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