Dave Chenell Powder by Dave Chenell

An endless mountain of untouched snow awaits in this soothing, retro inspired, minimalist skiing simulator.

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Powder | Multiplayer + Jumps

December 17, 2015

The code base for Powder was a year old and in need of an upgrade. Last weekend I completely tore down and rebuilt the whole game so I can make improvements much faster. The result is new modes, working multiplayer, improved physics, a...


Powder | Perspective Test

December 07, 2015

Did some perspective experimenting on Powder this weekend. This probably won't make it into the coming update but I thought I would share to see what people think. Hopefully it will be available as an option in a future update. http:/...


Powder v2

December 03, 2015

I've been working on an update to Powder for this winter. The version shown here has pressure sensitive controller support and is in the works for Mac, PC, and AppleTV. Also I'll be adding more obstacles, cliffs, jumps, new characters...

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Powder for Android

June 15, 2015

Since lots of you had been asking about it, Powder is finally out for android :) Download for Android Download for iOS I also had time to make a trailer This GIF is from two new modes that are gonna be in the next update, Pursuit an...

Powder | Alpine Simulator

January 11, 2015

A game I've been working on with @Eric Cleckner, Powder, has been released for iOS! App Store Link Blog Post New features, modes, and an Android version coming soon. Follow @BuckLumberGames for updates


Powder - Unlockable Character

December 17, 2014

Powder - Alpine Simulator has been submitted to the app store! This is the unlockable bear character (with ragdoll physics) (it looks much better at 60 FPS) Follow @BuckLumberGames for updates :) EDIT: Powder is out now! App Store Li...

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A.I. Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance

June 23, 2014

This weekend I programmed enemy pursuit AI with dynamic obstacle avoidance. While it's not a typical design, the results looked pretty cool so I thought I would post it to dribbble :) TLDR - dots are programmed to avoid the blocks, no k...

Powder - Mountain Simulator

April 13, 2014

Still working on a title and look for our new game. Finally think we have something. The core mechanics are built and its already pretty fun to play. I'm excited to starting working on the graphics and share gameplay footage. EDIT: Pow...

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