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by David P. O'Hara funisawesome.com

4 Shots

Make Fun Not War tshirt

Our next tshirt is hot off the press! Check it out here: www.funisawesome.com

May 16, 2013


Just posted a behind-the-scenes about our flagship t-shirt. Check it out here: http://funisawesome.com/blogs/t-shirt-design-behind-the-scenes/7141498-custom-...

January 17, 2013

Fun is Awesome Green tshirt

Our green Fun is Awesome shirt I just finished. Check it out here: http://funisawesome.com/products/fun-is-awesome

January 14, 2013

Fun things come in brown packages

Fun things come in brown packages! This is the packaging I did for Fun is Awesome. We just launched our website & the shirts are ready! Check it out: www...

January 14, 2013