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by David Hellmann

8 Shots + 3 Attachments — relaunch

hello again, a bit delay on my side and the relaunch came 3-5 months later as I planned. but now it's done and online and you can take a look here: http://b...

March 14, 2015 — redesign

MakeBetterWebsites is dead. Long live MakeBetterWebsites. OK, no postings this yeah. Sorry for this. A lot work until now. But I work or better I code hard t...

January 19, 2015

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Make Better Websites - Relaunch

we are online with a new website :)

January 02, 2011

Shot 1293916863

Long Website

the back to top button...

January 01, 2011

Shot 1293847630

MBW Navi (rebrush)

i work on a little rebrush for make better websites.

December 31, 2010

Shot 1278330732

Make Better Websites Card

it is done! : )

July 05, 2010

Shot 1277240901

Make Better Websites Card

and here is the backside of a business card.

June 22, 2010

Shot 1277240769

Make Better Websites Card

the front of a business card. turf textur, yeah

June 22, 2010