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Responsive ATX Web Show

Getting really close to being finished with the ATX Web Show re-align. * Putting more focus on shows (which every podcast should do). * Adding the ability ...

June 20, 2011


Coffee Finder

I'm working on the (much neglected) ATX Web Show site this Memorial Day weekend. I decided to make an icon for the Coffee Shop Finder. It's sourced from th...

May 28, 2011


ATX Web Events Calendar

Sneak pre-launch preview! I'm working on a ATX Web Events Calendar for the Austin web community. It's really basic and built on FullCalendar + Google Calen...

February 24, 2011


ATX Web Show T-shirt

Printed out my transparencies to begin the photo-emulsion process for t-shirts. I'm second guessing the logo with words. Wonder if I should go with just th...

June 07, 2010


ATX Web Show Rebranded!

Rebranding the podcast today! Working like crazy to get a the new site and episode up and published.

June 04, 2010