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titleX // footer

Some changes that I had to make on the footer. Hope you like it and check out the x2 version for some more detail :)

May 16, 2013

titleX // Services

Some progress about the services page. Don't miss to check out the x2 version or the realPixels attached for some more detail :). Enjoy !

April 23, 2013

titleX // Projects page

progress... it doesn't look like something unique but there's gonna be a lot of jQuery and HTML5 and I believe that it will be a very smooth and nice website...

April 17, 2013

Sourse 400x300

titleX // Homepage

I won't lie, it took me some time making this animation but I think that it worth it couz it's describing the user interface very well. Hope you like it and ...

April 12, 2013

titleX // Homepage middle

Another part of the homepage layout. Check out the x2 version ! :) Hope you like it

April 11, 2013