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by Darren Geraghty

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Landscape glider

iPad Wood Render

A render of an app I designed for non-retina iPad (Remember those ;-)

September 09, 2012

Streamglider id foil drbbbl

Streamglider Identity - Foil Stamp

Polishing up some work for the portfolio I came across this identity design which would be a personal favorite of mine. It's for Streamglider, an iPad app re...

July 05, 2012

Hero shot streamglider sm

Hero Shot

Working on some 'hero shots'.

January 17, 2012

Shot 1301018485

Ad Panels

March 24, 2011

Shot 1300833810

StreamGlider Icon

March 22, 2011

Shot 1296403253

Yellow Card

"There is much more to software than code, and much more to design than pixels."

January 30, 2011