Chorus Networks Page

February 11, 2019

And a quick look at the newly designed network page!

Chorus Landing Page

February 08, 2019

Been redesigning the Chorus landing page last week. We're moving the brand more in direction security/protection so we decided to switch from a dark theme to a whiter brand.

Chorus Web App

August 07, 2018

Last week we started a new project collaboration with our friends at Chorus, more specifically their first web app designs! We're starting with a very simple mvp, which will then develop further in the coming months!

Chorus Illustration

July 25, 2018

Last month we created some very simple isometric illustrations for Chorus. The task was to abstract Chorus's complex inner workings in a very simple way.

Chorus Illustration 2

June 14, 2018

I spent some time yesterday fixing chorus' illustration, after a chat with the cofounder we addressed a few issues and came out with a concept to represent how the validator of chorus works. Let me know your feelings!

Chorus One Landing Page

May 21, 2018

Spent some time over the weekend reworking the landing page for Chorus One! Still pretty rough, illustration style is totally missing and I have some place holders but definitely will have more to show soon! File in attachments if you w...

Chorus One Brand

March 26, 2018

I spent some time this week reworking the Chorus palette. We started redesigning their website with @Giulio Zecca , can't wait to show you something!

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