Color Ramp Test

December 03, 2020

I've gone through and mapped the colors for the product. What's crazy about it, is that when you look at it in greyscale, there is no variance in the perceived luminance of color. Kind of nerdy, but effective.

Compass of Design Marketing Page

February 19, 2019

Put together a light mockup using a camera to shoot the screen of my phone, however, i now have this photo to mockup the rest of the project with this. Totally going to be using these kinds of setups to show interactions for client proj...

Working on the profile layouts for desktop

February 11, 2019

Working on updating and re doing the layout page for this community site. There's a lot I still have to button up but since I'm moving to code, I figure I can set some global rules and have some of that auto fill so that it'll look good ...

Member list layout

November 08, 2018

just a little look at how projects can look in the community member list

Main chat, direct messages, member list

November 08, 2018

Playing around with more ways to handle the menu and layout of most of these features that we're making for the Compass of Design Community. These members deserve the best so, with some time, we should have this out by january. (:


Playing more with that auto animate

November 04, 2018

Since we're already making a web app for Compass of Design We've got some cool stuff happening with our membership site. I wanted to play around with Adobe's new auto animate feature and throw a quick example of what projects could look ...

Testing menu and ui layouts

October 03, 2018

Working on a few things with the ui for the site. Gotta love testing layouts. The whole interface is cropped here, but this is a good idea of where I'm thinking of going with a lot of the UI decisions.


Playing around with sticky elements in Adobe XD

September 25, 2018

Playin around with possible layouts for a user profile. Taking some ideas, remixing others, scrapping all this in a moment and starting again.

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