Vector Portrait

September 13, 2018

I was commissioned to create a portrait of a Deloitte business partner. Went with a simple line illustration style.

The Fifth Element

September 13, 2018

close-up of "The Fifth Element" illustration, created for Movie Fridays at Deloitte Digital. Went for the style of sci-fi artist Moebius (Jean Giraud).

VR Photobooth

January 23, 2018

Illustration created at DD as part of a storyboard series for client pitch.

Tenacious DD

April 12, 2015

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Princess Leia Whiteboard

May 04, 2014

I illustrated another welcome whiteboard for a new hire (Amelia Marschall) at my company, Deloitte Digital, a while back. Happy Star Wars Day!

Children of the Über

November 12, 2013

This illustration was created to welcome new hires at Deloitte Digital - (formerly Übermind). Each welcome whiteboard riffs on pop culture and I decided to go with my take on the X-Men.

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Metro Study #1

November 30, 2012

character sketch of bus passenger on the Seattle Metro. Done on the ipad with Paper app.


Hoo Ha!

July 24, 2012

Working on light and shadow in my drawings. I used a black and white photo (on my ipad) of the actor as reference. Completed, with pencil, in about an hour at my local coffee shop.